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Well, I'm here. Present and correct. Not entirely sure how it all works yet, but hopefully that will come with time.


And, in case anyone who stumbles upon this is more knowledgable than I, the formatting doesn't seem quite right on this 'ere page. There is something at the bottom that says 'cross post', which I assume means I would be able to post here and at beloved LJ simultaneously, but it doesn't have anything next to it saying how I'm supposed to do that. Anyone able to help on that?
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You have to set up the journals to crosspost to first. Go to manage account, and I think it's the last tab. Free account, so you can only set up one extra journal, but if you ever upgrade to paid you can do up to three and they'll stay when the account lapses. When you have them set up, then when you're posting you just make sure those checkboxes are in the right place (you can set defaults for whether you want to usually crosspost or not, and if you want to redirect comments or not) and go.